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Be Heard, Be ProActive

Silence is called passive consent in contract law.  This is how they've gotten things done this long #WeDoNotConsent

Share on social media wherever you can, call, write, be heard your local, state employees work for you.  There is money, they all get salaries.  No PFD, no salary.  Simple.

Dunleavy for Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy What part of

permanent is not understandable? 


You sir have your work cut out for you.  Tell our employees in Alaska State Government serving us and you that they will not receive their paychecks until The PFD is returned to the people.  Or we're gonna stop paying you! 

 You sir must act because our networks are coming for local legislators and we have filed NOL (Notice of Liability) MASS ACTION Suits regarding #5G, #SmartMeters #Vaccines and we can easily add this to the suits ongoing.  #WeThePeople will start charging the employees in government back for damages.  So please do what you said, make them under you understand. 

We're finished with paying for government corruption, we will see resignations soon.  At the very least the others who can be prosecuted will be prosecuted.  So stand tall like you said.  #WeDoNotConsent

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